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2009-02-27 23:55:35 by InfrangibleTangerine

Well I've started and failed a number of projects but it looks like this one is going to work. I'm making a music video to the song "how far we've come" by matchbox 20 (Man I love that song!). Anyway, in other news my friends and I joined the competition to make an add for doritos (The Australian one) here it is:

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so go the the website and vote for us! plz!
Yours decadently

I got flash CS4

2009-02-17 06:03:32 by InfrangibleTangerine

Ooooh yeah

um, still no news on the next flash,

Flash On The Way!

2008-10-02 07:58:35 by InfrangibleTangerine

Yes that's right another sad attempt at epica my new flash will be called Joe vs Barry. The basic storyline involves average guy "Joe" Strolling down the street when he comes across a man selling German Sausages ("Barry"). Barry decides he'll play a joke on Joe and spikes his bratwurst but at the last minute Joe decides that something is wrong and takes on Barry in an exciting and painstakingly-animated battle for supremecy. I hope to have it done by the end of november but much of it is fbf so you'll just have to be patient.

In other news, lifes going well. I'm trying to study for my school certificate but am having trouble forcing myself we recently had to do an assignment for Personal Development in school. Me and My friends chose to do it as a musical video on obesity where we parodied the Spice Girls song "Wannabe" and somehow managed to relate it to getting thin.
Here it is...

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well that's it